Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vintage Style

There is something about the quality and timelessness of vintage goods -- linens, cookware and even clothes. Buck and I have become interested in collecting some of these oldies but goodies. Here are some pics of our current favorites.....pyrex (currently crazy about the blue Amish pattern), tablecloths (love the workmanship and bright colors) and crates (they make fun and unique storage pieces). So although we have not an inch of space in our townhouse, we are having fun shopping on line and browsing flea markets. In fact, we are taking Miss Lily to the farmers market in Sumterville on Monday. A new adventure for the whole fam! We'll see what treasures we find.....after all one mans trash is another person's treasure!


The Newell Family said...

Adorable, Marcey! Let me know how Monday goes. I've always wanted to go there. LOVE the blue!!!

Rachel Absher said...

Ahh, I love vintage. Love the coke (crate?). I am always looking for something I can put babies/kids on/in. We must go searching together sometime!

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