Thursday, September 30, 2010

We All Need A Break!

Falling asleep last night I thought to myself - so this is how women just let themselves go. No make up. Wrinkled clothes. Laundry piled to the sky. Now I know how it happens because it is happening to me. I went to work this week looking like a complete mess. I could not find it in me to apply make up, press pants, accessorize. It was beyond what I could physically do. And I didn't even care.

Cook dinner? Huh?

Work out? Forget about it.

Make the bed? Are you crazy?

Vacation is coming just in time! A change of scenery to refresh the mind, body and spirit.

I know I won't totally fall apart. I can't. My kids need me to be in charge of our world. And, I like our world. I just need a break from it.

And, while I did not clean, press or put away this week - I did bathe the kids. And they make me laugh!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture Day

Here is my poor attempt at snapping a picture of the kiddos on school picture day. Boy, I hope the photographer did a better job than me. But, you get the idea. They looked really cute. I wish I could say I shopped and found the perfect matching outfits, but it just so happened that these digs were hanging in the closet. His from a consignment shop. Her top a gift from Grandma. So, it all just worked out!

We are buzzing in to Fall. Lily is counting on her fingers. Subtracting, too. We've even turned her recent potty training regression in to a math lesson. "Yesterday I had two pee-pee accidents. Today I had one. Maybe tomorrow I will have zero.....but if I add one, that will be two again." I am looking for the positive in the situation, so mastering addition is our silver lining!

Ben is so anxious to walk and eat real food. He gets so frustrated when his scooting falls short of his goal, or when he sees us biting into grilled burgers and french fries. Soon enough, my son.

We are 7 days from our Atlanta/Blowing Rock trek and it could not come fast enough. A break is needed by all.

I think about posting funny stories and tid bits several times a day. But alas, this is what you get. Sorry. I am hopeful that slower days lie ahead. Gotta have faith:)

Happy Fall to all!

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