Thursday, September 30, 2010

We All Need A Break!

Falling asleep last night I thought to myself - so this is how women just let themselves go. No make up. Wrinkled clothes. Laundry piled to the sky. Now I know how it happens because it is happening to me. I went to work this week looking like a complete mess. I could not find it in me to apply make up, press pants, accessorize. It was beyond what I could physically do. And I didn't even care.

Cook dinner? Huh?

Work out? Forget about it.

Make the bed? Are you crazy?

Vacation is coming just in time! A change of scenery to refresh the mind, body and spirit.

I know I won't totally fall apart. I can't. My kids need me to be in charge of our world. And, I like our world. I just need a break from it.

And, while I did not clean, press or put away this week - I did bathe the kids. And they make me laugh!

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