Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is a busy time for the happy Stones....all of the normal ruckus plus new activities like ballet classes and mud runs! Sure, why not! In between all of this fun, the kids swing from vines in the pool. Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Words

Where is my flip cam when I need it? Really, I have no idea where it is right now. But the precious moments continue without being captured.......which brings me to the blog this morning.

I enjoyed Lily's first words and baby babble so much. Her tiny voice communicating in this big world was precious. My favorite is still the way she said "I Love You" = "I ya youuuu". I mean, what is better than that?

Fast forward to today and we have another toddler speaking his mind. Similar little voice. Same adorable memories! Ben gives the ABCs a try, sings along with melodies and warms your heart with the best "Halo" = Hello. Precious!

Without even noticing, Lily's babble turned in to real words, real thoughts, real feelings. So I am relishing in the tid bits of language Ben is sharing with us these days! For now I can translate the babble to be whatever I want it to be. But in an instant, he will be telling me exactly what HE wants to say!

Ben's First Words:
Halo - Hello
Bebe - Baby
Waa - Water
Owsigh - Outside
Iss - Izzy
Teeter - Sister
Baba - Grandpa
Ah Duh - All done

Monday, August 15, 2011


There are not many opportunities to give our kids the freedoms we remember from our childhood. So when I think Ihave found one, I offer it up to them. Running naked in Grandma's backyard. Jumping on the beds. And sitting in the front seat when we are cruising through the neighborhood.

Lily takes swimming lessons at the neighborhood pool. And we have a deal. If she promises to follow the rules during class, she can break a rule on the way home and sit in the front seat. Don't tell the police.

This week, she was a swimming super star! A brave little fish. And of course she rode up front - even sticking her head out the window.

I caught her reflection in the side-view mirror - total joy. Her curls were blowing in the wind. Sun kissing her cheeks. Eyes and mouth wide open, catching the breeze. She was in heaven.

I wish I had more of these moments to give her - where life's simple pleasures are as good as a little fresh air and tunes blaring on the radio. Life feels a little more complicated these days. But the moments do happen - and I am so grateful when I am there to share them with her.

A few moments of freedom thanks to Aunt Connie:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am a BIG fan of anything with a drive thru.

Dry cleaners.

Why not a zoo!

About 45 minutes up the road, we found the Lazy Five Ranch, nicknamed the "lazy zoo." Not sure what to expect, we loaded up and headed out for a little adventure. That is exactly what we got, and a belly ache from laughing so hard!

With buckets of food in our hands, we rolled down the windows. Think to yourself, "if you feed them, they will come." Right into your car! Ostriches in the windows, pigs under the car, buffalo nosing at the doors.

The only thing funnier than the chaos in our car, was watching it happen to all the cars in front and in back of us!

Once we finally got the hang of this "zoo" we really enjoyed the close up view of all the animals. Ben and Lily fed them, spoke to them, touched them, kissed them (oh yeah!). We toured the ranch, took in the sites, cleaned up with at least 500 sani-wipes....and headed back to the zoo I call home!

Enjoy the pics -- it was a really fun adventure!

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