Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Memories

Someone sent me a great email the other day.....a list of lessons-learned by a syndicated author. One stood out to me: your child has only one childhood. Give her a good one.

I really gave it some thought. Are we doing everything we can to give Lily a special childhood? And, after some pondering I came to the conclusion, that this child has enjoyed every single day of her almost-two years. She is surrounded by love everyday. She has smiled and laughed every day of her life. Even in her infancy, she was happy.

As parents, and the village she is surrounded by, we deserve a pat on the back for providing her a wonderful world to live in. And she deserves credit too for choosing to smile at life. She has a wonderful, sunny soul!
Note to the adults: the author also encourages us to have a second childhood. What would you do if you could be a child again? I would drink out of the hose again! I loved that!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

While I wait

Grandma's baby photo - mom, I will just use these until you send me photos:)

While I wait for my mom to email photos from "grandma camp" - no pressure mom - I thought I would just share some of the recent ramblings on my mind (you can opt out now if you wish....._).

For one, words and thoughts are just falling out of my head these days. I can't remember anything. However, food is being consumed at a rapid rate. The weight gain has begun! So while I am losing important names and facts, I am gaining calories and back fat! Joys of pregnancy.

Secondly, I am grouchy! For instance, facebook is driving me nuts! I can only take it once a day. All the chitter-chatter -- just too much. And, I can't help but think that so much of what is shared out there is so indulgent. I wonder why we post what we post, and share what we share.....feels very contrived to me. Hey, I am right there commenting on the happenings of the day, so i am guilty too. But, why? A competition of the whits? Or a way to show off our lives and our kids and our photo-shopped pics (Guilty!). I know all the benefits of social media, and study it every day, but these pregnancy hormones are making me allergic to the surface-level sharing. But I really do love when someone reaches out to me because they found something I might like, or just wanted to check in and say hi. That is real, and very nice.

Lastly, I really need to get a new camera. And I really need grandma's photos. I know you don't want any more of my gripes.....just more adorable pictures of my little sweet heart! Coming soon - I promise!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's For Real and All New

Lily's birthday

Baby Stone #2 is the real deal! We had our first OB appointment and it was confirmed that I am preggars! As if the swollen belly, hunger and dragging energy were not signs enough!

It is surreal to know that we are doing this again, and I feel as excited and anxious as I did the first time around. I am reading all the brochures as if this is all new to me. But to be honest, I sort of forgot what to do -- what to eat, what not to eat, what I will feel and what is to come.

I love being on this journey again. But not again. Because it IS all new.

This is a new life. A new body growing inside me with new gene combinations, a new spirit, a new soul. So really I have not been down this path yet. And at the end of the journey, a perfect little person will join our family and bring with him or her a joy that is all new!

(And, if it is a boy - and all new wardrobe!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I feel so blessed to have been raised in a small town with many familiar faces! Not much changes there. Not phone numbers. Not restaurant favorites. Not the people who love you. Those kind of roots are special and not taken for granted by this small-town girl. 

That is why I am so grateful that the same "fans" who loved me as a child, now "ooh and ahh" over my little one. It tickles me that these precious ties continue to move on into the next generation, even when we've moved on up the road.

I'm not sure where Lily will grow her roots, but I can promise her that I will try my hardest to find a special place where she is surrounded by the smiles, voices and embraces of people who will love her for all her life. 

Thank you to all of the special people in Homestead who loved me then, and love my little one now. You are all so dear to me! It means the world to me that you are part of Lily's life and influencing who she will be! I couldn't ask for more!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Potty Trained!

Lily is having fun at Grandma Camp and big news was reported over the weekend! Lily is now potty trained, wearing princess underwear and loving her pink, princess potty! I was sort of kidding when I asked my mom to start potty training her this week - but our little student is quite the achiever and took to it very quickly!

I love hearing the daily stories of Lily parading everyone (Grandma, Grandpa and Izzy) down to the bathroom for potty time. And, she likes to brush her teeth all at the same time!

Oh, she makes me laugh! But, what a little smarty. I am so proud of her and can't wait for this weekend when we are all together again!

Being home alone is a nice treat. Although we do feel like we have a little company with our newest growing inside my tummy. "He" (just have a feeling) is a blessing and I know how hard he is working - growing his organs, skin, teeth and arms & legs! It amazes me.

I have two precious angels for sure! One is here in our world and blessing us with her daily adventures! And, our second is so tiny and so new, and his/her journey unknown. But I love this baby and its little life just as much!

We are so very blessed that if I think about it too much it almost scares me! So with that, I will sign off and wish you a happy monday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Much to Say

Isn't that funny? With so much going on!
The Happy Stone clan is in a good place.....Lily and Izzy are off to "grandma camp" this week. B and I have the house to ourselves for 10 days! New realtor stopping by this week to take pictures. Stationery collection is coming along. New baby growing, we hope and pray.
We are busy, but as content as can be. This is just how I like it. Enough going on to keep the momentum up, but enough time to veg on the couch and feel grateful.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

C'mon momma.
C'mon papa.

Lily takes both of our hands and leads us up the stairs, on to the big bed and asks for "oz". So we all buried our toes under the covers and watched Dorothy and Toto navigate through the land of Oz, again.

It was a perfect Friday evening.

And, I cant help now but wonder what these moments will be like come February when another baby Stone joins our family! Yep, I am preggars!   Very early in my pregnancy, but who can keep such a wonderful secret!

We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. The Chinese chart predicts a boy. Lily says "pink" when I ask her what she is voting for! Buck wants ten fingers and ten toes. I am on board for whatever gift God gives us.

I cant wait to share it all with you!!!!! Are ya'll up for TMI??????

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy to do. This week I am saying goodbye to N and family! We have worked together for almost 9 years and become very good friends. We started every morning with coffee and talk of our children and families. I will miss her advice, point of view, reassurance and humor more than I think I even estimate!

N, I wish you all the happiness this life has to offer! Thank you for blessing me with your friendship for all of these years. I look forward to sharing our lives for many, many more years. Thank goodness for email, skype, FB and all of the other technologies I have yet to discover.

We took N out for farewell dinner and dancing - and had a great time! F, thanks for letting the old ladies feel young and hip for a night!

Monday, June 1, 2009


It has been some time since I have really felt that way. 10 days away from our normal life was just what we all needed. We loaded up and spent a full week in Boca Grande (a treat since it is usually a three-day trip) and finished up the vacay with a weekend in Homestead. We spent time with friends at the beach. Mimi joined us for a couple of days. Buck and buddies caught fish. I napped by the pool. Lily played with Madison, and discovered that she does not like sand very much.

The weather was perfect and the quiet days provided the Stone clan with opportunites to lounge, watch movies, bake and snack on yummy treats (too many yummy treats!). The pool was a hot spot this year as Lily practiced her, "one, two, ready go" moves from swim lessons.

Back at home and work, my mind feels fresh and ready for new challenges. Which is a good thing because Lily is turning the corner and heading straight for "terrible two land"! She can't be soooo terrible, huh?

Here are some pics from our wonderful vacation at the beach! (PS - Thanks grandma and grandpa for watching Izzy!)

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