Friday, June 19, 2009

It's For Real and All New

Lily's birthday

Baby Stone #2 is the real deal! We had our first OB appointment and it was confirmed that I am preggars! As if the swollen belly, hunger and dragging energy were not signs enough!

It is surreal to know that we are doing this again, and I feel as excited and anxious as I did the first time around. I am reading all the brochures as if this is all new to me. But to be honest, I sort of forgot what to do -- what to eat, what not to eat, what I will feel and what is to come.

I love being on this journey again. But not again. Because it IS all new.

This is a new life. A new body growing inside me with new gene combinations, a new spirit, a new soul. So really I have not been down this path yet. And at the end of the journey, a perfect little person will join our family and bring with him or her a joy that is all new!

(And, if it is a boy - and all new wardrobe!)

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