Thursday, June 25, 2009

While I wait

Grandma's baby photo - mom, I will just use these until you send me photos:)

While I wait for my mom to email photos from "grandma camp" - no pressure mom - I thought I would just share some of the recent ramblings on my mind (you can opt out now if you wish....._).

For one, words and thoughts are just falling out of my head these days. I can't remember anything. However, food is being consumed at a rapid rate. The weight gain has begun! So while I am losing important names and facts, I am gaining calories and back fat! Joys of pregnancy.

Secondly, I am grouchy! For instance, facebook is driving me nuts! I can only take it once a day. All the chitter-chatter -- just too much. And, I can't help but think that so much of what is shared out there is so indulgent. I wonder why we post what we post, and share what we share.....feels very contrived to me. Hey, I am right there commenting on the happenings of the day, so i am guilty too. But, why? A competition of the whits? Or a way to show off our lives and our kids and our photo-shopped pics (Guilty!). I know all the benefits of social media, and study it every day, but these pregnancy hormones are making me allergic to the surface-level sharing. But I really do love when someone reaches out to me because they found something I might like, or just wanted to check in and say hi. That is real, and very nice.

Lastly, I really need to get a new camera. And I really need grandma's photos. I know you don't want any more of my gripes.....just more adorable pictures of my little sweet heart! Coming soon - I promise!

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry Honey... you can affort a little extra weight right now! And come on Grandma... where are the pictures!!!!! Love ya!

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