Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Memories

Someone sent me a great email the other day.....a list of lessons-learned by a syndicated author. One stood out to me: your child has only one childhood. Give her a good one.

I really gave it some thought. Are we doing everything we can to give Lily a special childhood? And, after some pondering I came to the conclusion, that this child has enjoyed every single day of her almost-two years. She is surrounded by love everyday. She has smiled and laughed every day of her life. Even in her infancy, she was happy.

As parents, and the village she is surrounded by, we deserve a pat on the back for providing her a wonderful world to live in. And she deserves credit too for choosing to smile at life. She has a wonderful, sunny soul!
Note to the adults: the author also encourages us to have a second childhood. What would you do if you could be a child again? I would drink out of the hose again! I loved that!

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Just Beth said...

Thanks for reminding me of drinking out of the hose! I too loved that! I would catch more lightening bugs too!

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