Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lily's social calendar has been very busy this week. Giving me plenty of opportunities to snap photos and marvel in her cuteness! She seems to be enjoying Fall as much as all of us -- cooler weather, comfort food in the oven, lots of reasons to get outdoors. 

Here are a few pics from her week -- swimming with Cooper, Halloween party at school, Times Reading Festival downtown, Church and baking caramel apples! 

I'm just so glad she lets me hang out with her:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Falling For Fall

Wow, what an amazing weekend. 

Fall weather rolled in and we enjoyed every minute of it! The week was hectic, so Friday was an early night. Mother Nature and my baby were so kind in the morning. A cool breeze through the windows and a baby sleeping-in made for a very happy and rested momma!

Saturday we joined the Hays at the Pumpkin Festival and took in all the treats of a country fair -- snow cones, elephant ears, bounce houses and a petty zoo, of course! The small town girl in me LOVED it! And I could not stop snapping photos of Lily. She was a precious site among all the pumpkins. Watching her run free always brings me such joy. Ahhhh - she is a happy, happy girl. What more could I ask for.

Sunday was a day of rest, indeed. We skipped all commitments and vowed to stay in PJs until after lunch and naps! And the only out-of-house trip was a quickie to Target to pick up our traditional Fall candle.....and a swing through the dollar section, of course!

BBQ chicken and a new veggie recipe later, here we are -- back in our PJs. Just the way I like it.

Happy Monday-eve to us all!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Put It On My Calendar

Lily tells me the other day, "momma I want to go to chucky cheese." 

"Huh," I said in reply. "How do you know about chucky cheese?"

"Trenton goes to chucky cheese."

What could Trenton possibly tell you about chucky cheese? You guys can put together about  6 words at a time. Was is, "I eat pizza at chucky cheese." Or, maybe "I play games at chucky cheese."

Whatever the conversation was, it got Lily thinking. And chucky cheese is all the rage these days. Keep in mind, she is TWO!

So, pappa and I have scheduled it in, along with the other milestone attractions we probably need to get to -- the zoo, the children's museum, princesses on ice...and the big D (Disney) in due time.  

We literally pulled up our work calendars and penciled it in. I hope "scheduling' her childhood memories is an okay thing to do. How else will it all get done?

And really, she doesn't need to know the logistics behind this weekend's pumpkin patch trip, or the pizza/pool party we scheduled next week. All she needs to do is show up and make memories.......and win lots of tickets at the skiball machine at chucky cheese!

Mamma wants a prize!

Starting Tomorrow.....

With 14 weeks left to go, I got quite the talking to from my OB/GYN today. 

I gained too much weight this month for her liking. 

While most people tell me I look small for my gestation, I have to admit, I have been a mega indulger this pregnancy. I eat ALL the time. And, not such good stuff. Carbs galore! Lots of cereal. Ice cream - check! 

And the 20-minute exercise program I was going to commit to, well - not so much.

So starting tomorrow, I am on a mission to do what is right for my body and baby. I will eat less, and more of the good stuff. And I will work in those 20 minute cardio videos. My goal is to gain only 1 pound per week. 

Wow - where will another 14 pounds go on this body? I really thought my back end and hips were maxed out! This should be pretty!

For good measure, I finished off the ice cream in the freezer tonight. And just to get rid of temptation, I might as well eat the last of the choco chip cookies.

And, tomorrow will be a new day.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Since this blog is Lily's baby book, I have to note her very first haircut. 

Lily walked right in, purse and lipstick in hand....ready for hair and make-up! Zoo Cuts took care of the hair...Lily did her own make-up!

What a cute and movies for kids. Little cars to sit in. Even manicures for the moms. (A little weird that they offer highlights for girls.....but I wont get on my soapbox here).

Enjoy a few pics from the milestone day:

Taking A Walk

Lily and I took a walk around our neighborhood and this is what we saw.....

- boats bobbing in the water
- a quiet USF campus
-  kettle corn and fresh lemonade at the market
- books at the corner bookstore
- a growing skyline

This time of year is always fun downtown. It is when we feel blessed to be close to the action -- garage or no garage:)

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