Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cupcake Birthday!

Sweet Lily enjoyed a sweet birthday weekend - full of cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes! Beyond the sugar, she ever wore cupcake PJ's and received a new cupcake purse! Thank you to everyone who thought of our sweet little girl on her second birthday. She loved opening all of her mail and tearing through bags and packages. She is getting the hang of it!

To our sweet Lily - you are the sugar and spice of our lives. We hope your life continues to be as happy and full of joy as the past two years. You are a gift that never stops giving to us. You are our joy, pride and source of inspiration every day. On your birthday you receive gifts as recognition for the many, many gifts you give the world everyday. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We love you beyond words little angle!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Part II: Alabama

We had a wonderful time visiting family in Alabama. Lily met her cousin Stone and they had so much fun together (between the "mine, mine, mine" episodes).  They were wet, naked and running around the acres of trees and gardens at Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne's house, just like toddlers should. I was happy to see her doing many of the things I remember doing as a tot - drinking from the hose, sliding around in a plastic swimming pool and eating popsicles on the back porch steps! 

Here are a few photos (more than a few) of our trip. Thank you Jenny, Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne!

Look at that nose!

It goes without saying that the primary content of this site is all about Lily! Well, times are a changing and I am figuring out how to make room for two loves - on this site, in our home, in my heart. The truth is, it was very hard to imagine sharing my heart and arms and lap with more than one baby. But when I saw this image at our last ultrasound it all felt so real and totally right.
Now, the two car seats in the backseat don't seem so strange and foreign.

I have my list going - what I need for baby #2. I was wondering when the nesting would kick in. Bassinet, new bottles, the missing piece to the swing......oh, and I really want to try one of those baby slings this time.

This time.

I like it. Another magical opportunity to create life - and then love and nurture it. Approach it with less fear and more confidence. A chance to create a brother or sister for Lily. The chance to be a mom to two beautiful children.

6 months to go. And, just look at that nose!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Part I: SGI

Papa Salty did not disappoint. Upon our arrival, he had a cold Yohoo waiting for Lily. To which Lily replied, "I love a Yohoo!". She enjoyed a few firsts on the island, including steering a golf cart, sleeping in a toddler bed, eating blue crabs (with old bay!) and dipping her toes in the ocean's surf. Prior to this trip, she never had quite enough courage to walk into the ocean on her own! 

Thanks Papa Salty for a nice visit. We'll see you soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

While We're Away

We are off to Papa Salty's at the beach and then Alabama for the week. A nice break for the overworked and weary in our house! I am so looking forward to a whole week with Lily and spending some time in her world - it is a great place to be. She makes fun out of everything - the stairs, a short car ride, even bedtime is fun in her world. I love disappearing in it when I am with her.

Here are some pictures from this week. The two sides of Lily! Miss Priss and Miss Get-er-done!
She dressed herself in these pink boots and the headband! And opted for no clothes! She is a fashion icon already!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Firecracker, Firecracker....Boom, Boom, Boom


Cupcake Bandit

If you are missing a cupcake from your countertop, Lily may be the bandit! Chocolate, vanilla, sprinkles or colored frosting - she loves them all! No trip to the grocery store is complete without sampling the cupcake selection in the bakery. Maybe it is true, you are what you eat -- because she is soooo sweet! 

A few pics of Cupcake Lily and her cupcake friends!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missed A Month

So I finally got a new camera.....again. Damn things! 

I am anxious to get some new pics of Lily and my growing belly (for the record). I feel like you all have missed a month of Lily life. She is a hoot these days. Her hair is so long and beautiful! Her legs have sprouted. And she is developing her own fashion sense that includes a lot of hair accessories, belts and sparkly shoes. 

New pics soon!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Fourth of July!

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