Friday, December 30, 2011

A Quick Summary of our Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Happy Stone start the day with big thankful grins.

Lily and Mimi pose for a photo. I can't find my other child.

The sweet potatoes are cooked to perfection.

As is the turkey. And, here is my other child.

The day is wrapping up, and I still have a bottle of champagne to drink! Again, thankful!


Our days are sandwiched between chaotic mornings and busy nighttime routines. But there are always quiet, tender moments to enjoy. Like the first kisses in the morning - sweet with morning breath and cold noses. And warm hugs at night as little bodies drift off to sleep.

No matter what has happened in between, I do not miss the importance of these quiet moments. Moments that allow me to connect with my children in a way far more impactful than any timeout or consequence I can dole out.

I am very aware of the limited time we have with our kids. I am very aware of how quickly that time is passing us by. Ben will be 2 in a couple weeks. Lily starts kindergarten in a few months. A new year is here. The clock is ticking.

I am also very aware that I am not guaranteed anything in this world, least of all more time with my children and family. If I squeak one prayer in each night, it is gratitude for one more night with those I love most. And as I leave my children at school every day, I ask the Lord to bring me home to them. Nothing more, or less. Just to get home for that last hug of the feel those bodies melt in my arms as they drift off to a peaceful sleep. The kind of sleep I have not known in some time.

So tonight Lord, I thank you for the blessing of Lily and Ben. I have never known such sweetness. I am grateful for Lily's spirit, her cleverness and her mischievous curiosity. I am thankful that we are still her very favorite people. I am blessed everyday with her laughter, spunk and generous affection. She makes my heart smile.

I am grateful for Ben's charismatic charm, funny sense of humor and kind heart. His endless affection and innocent exploration makes me long for more time with him in this wonderful toddler stage. I am so blessed to have a baby to rock at night, and who wants me to hold his hands close to my heart until he drifts to sleep. It's the only way he can fall asleep.....our hands and hearts connected.

I am so blessed.

I know I will forget many of the details of my life now.....smells, sounds, milestones. But I will not forget my blessings. Wether it is for one more day, one more year or one more century -- I know in this very moment that I am blessed.

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