Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Fly By!

It was a bitter sweet - mostly sweet - day for us as we celebrated Benjamin's first birthday! I know it is cliche, but man this year FLEW by! I have such vivid memories of Ben's first days, weeks and months with us. Unlike the fog that was Lily's infancy, I had a clear head for most of this year....most! What a blessing!

From day four, Ben has been out and about and a little ray of sunshine! I say day four because it was on his fourth day of life that he accompanied Grandma and me to lunch. I told my mom, "lets get out of the house now while the getting is good." I just knew that at any moment the depression would hit or colic would set in. Or he would have problems feeding. Or he'd be diagnoses with reflux.

It never happened.

A total joy ride this has been. Just like his big sister, Ben smiled, cuddled, giggled and charmed his way through this first year. And I anticipate he will take life on with all the same wonderful attributes.

A gentleman, yes. Party boy, I think so. He knew this was HIS day and he lead the celebration!

Happy birthday son. I have enjoyed every single moment of you - from the first days when you warmed my chest to your your first steps into my arms. You make our family complete - and a lot louder, for sure!

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