Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Fly By!

It was a bitter sweet - mostly sweet - day for us as we celebrated Benjamin's first birthday! I know it is cliche, but man this year FLEW by! I have such vivid memories of Ben's first days, weeks and months with us. Unlike the fog that was Lily's infancy, I had a clear head for most of this year....most! What a blessing!

From day four, Ben has been out and about and a little ray of sunshine! I say day four because it was on his fourth day of life that he accompanied Grandma and me to lunch. I told my mom, "lets get out of the house now while the getting is good." I just knew that at any moment the depression would hit or colic would set in. Or he would have problems feeding. Or he'd be diagnoses with reflux.

It never happened.

A total joy ride this has been. Just like his big sister, Ben smiled, cuddled, giggled and charmed his way through this first year. And I anticipate he will take life on with all the same wonderful attributes.

A gentleman, yes. Party boy, I think so. He knew this was HIS day and he lead the celebration!

Happy birthday son. I have enjoyed every single moment of you - from the first days when you warmed my chest to your your first steps into my arms. You make our family complete - and a lot louder, for sure!

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Anonymous said...

I've said before and I will repeat it again...Your children are lucky to have you as a Mom. One of my favorite sayings..."If while we are young just one person loves us uncritically then we will have love to give for the rest of our lives."..job well done Marcey!! Jane

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