Monday, November 22, 2010

On The Move

Grainy photos, I know!
But here they are - kids on the move! Lily is showing Ben all kinds of tricks, including some new moves that get him in crawling up the stairs and slamming his fingers in the door. We are getting to use our supply of boo-boo ice again!

In five minutes flat these two can tear up a room. They are quite a team. Luckily they really, really like each other and I am enjoying that for now. They make each other laugh. Belly laugh. Lily says Ben is her best friend! Add Izzy into the mix, and we are out numbered!

Good stuff happening here! I have to tell myself that as I am picking up mess after mess after mess!

Speaking of stuff - have a great Thanksgiving and east lots of good stuff! Fattening stuff! Stuff that tastes so good you have to have seconds and thirds!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I had a moment last night.

Rocking my son.

I was combing my hands through his hair as I rocked him to sleep. He smelled like a garlic roll because he gnawed on a piece of pizza at dinner. His chubby legs were wrapped around my chubby belly. His head just where I like it - right under my chin. He started combing his fingers through his hair too - and our fingers met. He wrapped his around mine, tangled in his baby fine hair. And just held me there. Our hands resting on his head. And he fell asleep with a little smile across his lips.

Grow up sweet and strong my son. With passion and compassion. And love others with all your heart and you will get so, so, so much in return.

That's what I tell him at night. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say to him at night. What does a little boy need to hear from his mother? I'm sure it will change. My message to Lily has changed over the years. But for now, this seems right.

I think that grip on my fingers last night was his way of saying, I hear you mom. I am sweet, strong, passionate and compassionate. I smell like a garlic roll. And I will lay here on your lap for as long as you will hold me.

And, he did. We rocked in silence. Until his sister roared into the bedroom. And, then - well, we started all over again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Milestone Update

As the Stone Family publication of record, I have to post a few milestones!

This little puppy is on the move. He started crawling on Halloween. I think walking is only a few weeks away. He crawls to the nearest ledge and pulls himself up. Nosey is an understatement. He is in to EVERYTHING! Able to tear up a room in seconds! His first two teeth came in early October. He is enjoying all kinds of foods - veggies, bread, pizza, fruit. Like his sister, he is open to new foods. And by bath time, he has dinner stuck in his hair and between his toes! Ben is a talker, too. He babbles on and on and on. His only real word to date is "momma" - so I am good with that! He thinks Lily is the "bee's knees!". He laughs at her until he falls over! And the kisses! Oh the kisses. I get the best, slobbery kisses these day! Lucky me:)

Lily is as beautiful as ever. She enjoyed Halloween so much. Parties, costumes and candy - oh my! Her awareness of holidays and festivities just makes everything so much fun. At school she is a super star. She can spell, read a little, count in two languages. She is loving the educational games on our IPad - and her growing mind just tickles me. I am so darn proud of her.

That is the quick update on the kiddos! As you all know, they bring us so much joy.
We took family pictures this past weekend - including Izzy - and it was hysterical. Just getting there was a journey. As we set up for the photos, Izzy was running around. Lily was pulling at her hair. Ben squirming all over the place. A mess. But that is how things are these days, and I love the chaos!

Happy Thanksgiving season to all. I am thankful for all the love you share with us:)

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