Monday, November 22, 2010

On The Move

Grainy photos, I know!
But here they are - kids on the move! Lily is showing Ben all kinds of tricks, including some new moves that get him in crawling up the stairs and slamming his fingers in the door. We are getting to use our supply of boo-boo ice again!

In five minutes flat these two can tear up a room. They are quite a team. Luckily they really, really like each other and I am enjoying that for now. They make each other laugh. Belly laugh. Lily says Ben is her best friend! Add Izzy into the mix, and we are out numbered!

Good stuff happening here! I have to tell myself that as I am picking up mess after mess after mess!

Speaking of stuff - have a great Thanksgiving and east lots of good stuff! Fattening stuff! Stuff that tastes so good you have to have seconds and thirds!

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