Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beautiful Goodbye to 2008

A must read tribute to 2008 from a family who endured the best and worst of life in one short year. C Jane is an incredible writer. Anyone can get lost in her words - even if you know nothing about the life and tragedy that has touched her family this year. Her goodbye post to 2008:
Fancy, fancy, fancy girl!
Ask and she will twirl, twirl, twirl.
Pretty green dress, and the perfect bow.
Our precious Lily "bean" stole the show!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It’s time again for resolutions! For my own purposes, I have two categories -- personal and family.

For me:
Eat more foods derived from the ground or that have mamas! (That would mean more fruit, veggies and healthy meats.... technically chocolate comes from a plant, so I am OK there!)

Exercise three days a week (see, very doable). Run a couple more 5Ks.

Complete graphic design courses and become legendary stationer and papery genius.
(real goal: have some goods ready for sale at the downtown market by fall)

Stop all housekeeping and work functions by 9p.m. so I can enjoy an hour or two of quiet bliss!
Try a new recipe once a week and finish one load of laundry per night.

Take advantage of downtown living – visit museums, go to the beach more often, try out new restaurants, go for more walks and hang in the parks.

For the fam/home:

Swim lessons for Lily; family memberships at the library and local children's museum

Finish painting projects

Save more

More reading and teachable moments
More dance parties and belly laughs
More of what makes us happy stones...

No pressure. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now I Know Why I Love This Blog!

Photo: Reading on the porch
Maybe this blog is meant to be a keepsake for me -- when Lily is much older -- so that I can remember these most precious of days! After all, when she speaks a new word or shows off a new trick, the video camera is never around. And the little voice inside my heart says, "don't ever forget this moment." But I will, won't I?

So tonight I ran into my mom's computer room just to ramble on this blog....maybe that is why I am drawn to this weird, public sharing blogosphere. I just feel deep down that I need a place to immortalize this amazing time in my life - this gift I have been blessed with!

I know I can journal privately. And, I do when I need that privacy. Of course, not every moment is perfect and appropriate for sharing. But these great moments -- they are worth sharing.

So what moved me tonight?Oh the silliest thing. For one, grandma and I cut Lily's hair. Just her bangs. I'll post a photo soon! We did a great job -- and saved the first curl. But really, I was touched by her little tiny seems to come from heaven. Soft and sweet - from ruby red lips. She said, "tinkle, tinkle, stahs" as I was getting her ready for bed (I sing Twinkle Tinkle Little Star every night). Tonight I just felt like she was reciprocating something to me - acknowledging our ritual. It was moving. And, I just want to remember this feeling.

Thanks for letting me share -- everyday. It might be a weird thing - this blogging - but I love it. I love the archives of Lily's childhood and the history-in-the-making for our family and friends!
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sixty in the City

Today my mom celebrates 60 years of life! Six wonderful decades of living, learning, loving, sharing, crying, playing, doing, not doing, wishing, hoping, holding, releasing, praying, talking, screaming, whispering, hugging, shopping, paying, cooking, cleaning, letting go, moving on, gaining wisdom, losing baggage, earning respect, teaching others, setting goals, breaking boundaries, raising kids, training a husband, basking in the family she has built, reveling in life-long friendships!

I am so proud to be a part of her journey. I know her life is bigger than me, but she always made me feel like the only priority. And, now I sit between a wonderful mother and an angel of a daughter. How lucky can I be? I can only hope my life is as full of verbs as hers.....and to add a few to the list, we did plenty of eating and drinking to celebrate!

A Road Trip Memoir

One way to pass the time on a road trip (especially when a 1-year-old and dog are your passengers) is to take silly photos along the way! Enjoy my documentary!

2:23 p.m. - Mommy, Lily and Izzy loaded up and heading south! Notice the garbage bags packed with presents! Classy!

3:45 p.m. - Heading over the skyway bridge. I swear my eyes are on the road.

3:35 p.m. - I stuck to my guns. No DVD until we've been in the car for an hour! But, now let it roll.....thank God for remote-controlled DVD player and Elmo video! Next stop - Wendy's for a diet coke!

4:45 p.m. - Lily is bored with now reading The Brave Penguin to Izzy.

4:57 p.m. - Mommy is bored.....I am taking pictures of myself in the review mirror. Lily seems to be napping.
5:08 p.m. - Got my second wind! Power 96 TRAFFIC JAM! "
Play at your own risk".....taking me way back, baby! (Lily is doing baby dance in the back photo available)
6:08 p.m. - This is our exit!
Who-hoo. 40 minutes to
the mother land!
Capri - here we come!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Babies

We were so happy to have Evan, Karen and Ava over again this year to visit with Santa and chow down on pizza. It is a happy little tradition that I hope continues for a long time.

I heard a DJ on the radio talking about favorite holiday traditions...made me take stock of what we are doing to create special memories. Our family is young and we are just starting to grow roots with each other and build those traditions. I look forward to looking back in several years to see what traditions came to be -- those planned and other that take place organically on their own.

Back to the photos -- Lily was not so happy in this shot! I don't think she was upset about Santa. I think she was mad a mommy for pulling her away from the other kids running around the park and tearing down decorations! I was definitely the recipient of dirty looks from other mothers whose children were perfectly behaved! Ah, what's the fun in that!

Santa Belly

Before we headed off to see Santa, Ava and Lily hung out around the Christmas tree. As you can see, Lily and Santa have one thing in common - a jolly belly!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Photo: The Lily Pout

On Friday, we will be heading to Homestead for a week! I am really looking forward to some downtime and the chance to spend a whole week with Lily and our family. On Saturday, we will celebrate my Mom's 60th Birthday! What a special milestone....

My dad, Bapa, will watch Lily while the girls go out and play. So I thought I would jot down just a few of Lily's most-spoken words to help him out a bit:

“Pees” = Please
“Poo” = Spoon
“Nax” = Snacks
“Wok” = Walk
“Tee” = Tree
“Ousa” = Outside
“Memo” = Elmo
“Stahs” = Stars
“Lie” = Lights
“Fie Tugh” = Firetruck
“Mow” = Mouth
“Buh-fie” = Butterfly

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Family Tree

Here it is - the Stone family tree. I love it. Thank you to everyone who has gifted us with beautiful ornaments over the years. One by one, I unwrap them and think of you every Christmas. You know I love the glittery Waterford and C. Radkos. And our growing collection of mercury glass fits right in. I have some ornametns handmade by my great grandmother. Several that were mine when I was a child. Many that Buck collected pre-me. A few are gifts from wedding showers. And, a handful that we recently brought back from Wyoming.

The thing about a Christmas tree is that it really becomes a reflection of your journey, the things you love, the people you love. It tells a little story. Our family tree is evolving with several Lily additions.....sweet baby mementos, first shoes and artwork made especially for us.

In a couple of weeks I will box it up again. Putting away each special little memory. And, again I will think of you and the place you keep in our growing, changing family tree.

We're Back

New camera is in action! Lily and I tested it out. Say CHEESE!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Presto Chango!

Since I am still unable to post new photos, I am finding new and fun ways to play with old ones. This is a Japanese website that will change your photos into newspaper-looking prints! See some samples here.

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