Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Photo: The Lily Pout

On Friday, we will be heading to Homestead for a week! I am really looking forward to some downtime and the chance to spend a whole week with Lily and our family. On Saturday, we will celebrate my Mom's 60th Birthday! What a special milestone....

My dad, Bapa, will watch Lily while the girls go out and play. So I thought I would jot down just a few of Lily's most-spoken words to help him out a bit:

“Pees” = Please
“Poo” = Spoon
“Nax” = Snacks
“Wok” = Walk
“Tee” = Tree
“Ousa” = Outside
“Memo” = Elmo
“Stahs” = Stars
“Lie” = Lights
“Fie Tugh” = Firetruck
“Mow” = Mouth
“Buh-fie” = Butterfly


Anonymous said...

I love the greeting, but sure do miss the "Ballernia Butt"!!!!!

Mom said...

I will turn 60 all the time if it means having my 2 girls with me! This daughter makes everything special, I love her!

~Brook said...

Too cute...I love the pronunciation key you made to help 'Bapa'! I might borrow it as it seems Lily & Madison have the SAME speech teacher??! ;) It's obvious they would have absolutely NO trouble understanding each other.

Hope you have a great visit in Homestead. MERRY CHRISTMAS ~Brook

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