Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now I Know Why I Love This Blog!

Photo: Reading on the porch
Maybe this blog is meant to be a keepsake for me -- when Lily is much older -- so that I can remember these most precious of days! After all, when she speaks a new word or shows off a new trick, the video camera is never around. And the little voice inside my heart says, "don't ever forget this moment." But I will, won't I?

So tonight I ran into my mom's computer room just to ramble on this blog....maybe that is why I am drawn to this weird, public sharing blogosphere. I just feel deep down that I need a place to immortalize this amazing time in my life - this gift I have been blessed with!

I know I can journal privately. And, I do when I need that privacy. Of course, not every moment is perfect and appropriate for sharing. But these great moments -- they are worth sharing.

So what moved me tonight?Oh the silliest thing. For one, grandma and I cut Lily's hair. Just her bangs. I'll post a photo soon! We did a great job -- and saved the first curl. But really, I was touched by her little tiny seems to come from heaven. Soft and sweet - from ruby red lips. She said, "tinkle, tinkle, stahs" as I was getting her ready for bed (I sing Twinkle Tinkle Little Star every night). Tonight I just felt like she was reciprocating something to me - acknowledging our ritual. It was moving. And, I just want to remember this feeling.

Thanks for letting me share -- everyday. It might be a weird thing - this blogging - but I love it. I love the archives of Lily's childhood and the history-in-the-making for our family and friends!
Happy Holidays!

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Leslie said...

I second that notion. my blog is my "baby book" or virtual scrap book so I dont feel guilty about those I didnt finish. Did you know you can have your blog printed as a book? Love yours... thanks for sharing!

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