Monday, November 8, 2010

Milestone Update

As the Stone Family publication of record, I have to post a few milestones!

This little puppy is on the move. He started crawling on Halloween. I think walking is only a few weeks away. He crawls to the nearest ledge and pulls himself up. Nosey is an understatement. He is in to EVERYTHING! Able to tear up a room in seconds! His first two teeth came in early October. He is enjoying all kinds of foods - veggies, bread, pizza, fruit. Like his sister, he is open to new foods. And by bath time, he has dinner stuck in his hair and between his toes! Ben is a talker, too. He babbles on and on and on. His only real word to date is "momma" - so I am good with that! He thinks Lily is the "bee's knees!". He laughs at her until he falls over! And the kisses! Oh the kisses. I get the best, slobbery kisses these day! Lucky me:)

Lily is as beautiful as ever. She enjoyed Halloween so much. Parties, costumes and candy - oh my! Her awareness of holidays and festivities just makes everything so much fun. At school she is a super star. She can spell, read a little, count in two languages. She is loving the educational games on our IPad - and her growing mind just tickles me. I am so darn proud of her.

That is the quick update on the kiddos! As you all know, they bring us so much joy.
We took family pictures this past weekend - including Izzy - and it was hysterical. Just getting there was a journey. As we set up for the photos, Izzy was running around. Lily was pulling at her hair. Ben squirming all over the place. A mess. But that is how things are these days, and I love the chaos!

Happy Thanksgiving season to all. I am thankful for all the love you share with us:)

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