Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look at that nose!

It goes without saying that the primary content of this site is all about Lily! Well, times are a changing and I am figuring out how to make room for two loves - on this site, in our home, in my heart. The truth is, it was very hard to imagine sharing my heart and arms and lap with more than one baby. But when I saw this image at our last ultrasound it all felt so real and totally right.
Now, the two car seats in the backseat don't seem so strange and foreign.

I have my list going - what I need for baby #2. I was wondering when the nesting would kick in. Bassinet, new bottles, the missing piece to the swing......oh, and I really want to try one of those baby slings this time.

This time.

I like it. Another magical opportunity to create life - and then love and nurture it. Approach it with less fear and more confidence. A chance to create a brother or sister for Lily. The chance to be a mom to two beautiful children.

6 months to go. And, just look at that nose!


Anonymous said...

So well said!! Jane

Just Beth said...

I love the growing of the heart part; it's amazing how God made our hearts big enough to love multiple children differently but just the same! congratulations on growing a new life and a new love!

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