Thursday, October 15, 2009

Put It On My Calendar

Lily tells me the other day, "momma I want to go to chucky cheese." 

"Huh," I said in reply. "How do you know about chucky cheese?"

"Trenton goes to chucky cheese."

What could Trenton possibly tell you about chucky cheese? You guys can put together about  6 words at a time. Was is, "I eat pizza at chucky cheese." Or, maybe "I play games at chucky cheese."

Whatever the conversation was, it got Lily thinking. And chucky cheese is all the rage these days. Keep in mind, she is TWO!

So, pappa and I have scheduled it in, along with the other milestone attractions we probably need to get to -- the zoo, the children's museum, princesses on ice...and the big D (Disney) in due time.  

We literally pulled up our work calendars and penciled it in. I hope "scheduling' her childhood memories is an okay thing to do. How else will it all get done?

And really, she doesn't need to know the logistics behind this weekend's pumpkin patch trip, or the pizza/pool party we scheduled next week. All she needs to do is show up and make memories.......and win lots of tickets at the skiball machine at chucky cheese!

Mamma wants a prize!

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