Monday, June 1, 2009


It has been some time since I have really felt that way. 10 days away from our normal life was just what we all needed. We loaded up and spent a full week in Boca Grande (a treat since it is usually a three-day trip) and finished up the vacay with a weekend in Homestead. We spent time with friends at the beach. Mimi joined us for a couple of days. Buck and buddies caught fish. I napped by the pool. Lily played with Madison, and discovered that she does not like sand very much.

The weather was perfect and the quiet days provided the Stone clan with opportunites to lounge, watch movies, bake and snack on yummy treats (too many yummy treats!). The pool was a hot spot this year as Lily practiced her, "one, two, ready go" moves from swim lessons.

Back at home and work, my mind feels fresh and ready for new challenges. Which is a good thing because Lily is turning the corner and heading straight for "terrible two land"! She can't be soooo terrible, huh?

Here are some pics from our wonderful vacation at the beach! (PS - Thanks grandma and grandpa for watching Izzy!)

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Anonymous said...

How about a vacation in Smyrna, GA!!!! I've missed the updates, welcome back.

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