Monday, June 15, 2009

Potty Trained!

Lily is having fun at Grandma Camp and big news was reported over the weekend! Lily is now potty trained, wearing princess underwear and loving her pink, princess potty! I was sort of kidding when I asked my mom to start potty training her this week - but our little student is quite the achiever and took to it very quickly!

I love hearing the daily stories of Lily parading everyone (Grandma, Grandpa and Izzy) down to the bathroom for potty time. And, she likes to brush her teeth all at the same time!

Oh, she makes me laugh! But, what a little smarty. I am so proud of her and can't wait for this weekend when we are all together again!

Being home alone is a nice treat. Although we do feel like we have a little company with our newest growing inside my tummy. "He" (just have a feeling) is a blessing and I know how hard he is working - growing his organs, skin, teeth and arms & legs! It amazes me.

I have two precious angels for sure! One is here in our world and blessing us with her daily adventures! And, our second is so tiny and so new, and his/her journey unknown. But I love this baby and its little life just as much!

We are so very blessed that if I think about it too much it almost scares me! So with that, I will sign off and wish you a happy monday!

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