Friday, June 5, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

C'mon momma.
C'mon papa.

Lily takes both of our hands and leads us up the stairs, on to the big bed and asks for "oz". So we all buried our toes under the covers and watched Dorothy and Toto navigate through the land of Oz, again.

It was a perfect Friday evening.

And, I cant help now but wonder what these moments will be like come February when another baby Stone joins our family! Yep, I am preggars!   Very early in my pregnancy, but who can keep such a wonderful secret!

We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. The Chinese chart predicts a boy. Lily says "pink" when I ask her what she is voting for! Buck wants ten fingers and ten toes. I am on board for whatever gift God gives us.

I cant wait to share it all with you!!!!! Are ya'll up for TMI??????

1 comment:

Brook said...

What exciting news!

NO such thing as TMI when it comes to a little one on the way :)

So happy for you!

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