Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Like a Gem You Are.....

I am so lucky that Lily still lets me rock her at night. It is my favorite time of the day. Twenty hushed minutes for the two of us to snuggle and reconnect.

The first night we had her home from the hospital I was rocking her to sleep and realized that I could not remember a single nursery rhyme. A clear oversight on my "to do" list in the final weeks of preparations. So, I sang what came to me first -- songs from my sorority days.

I was always a sucker for the ceremonies and ritual that accompanied my Greek days back at FSU. And, the beautiful songs that went along with ADPI traditions are still some of my favorites.

So here is what I sing to Lily every night -- I think they are a good fit (I have taken some liberty with the words):

Little Lily Pie
Little, little Lily Pie
Like A Gem You Are
I believe
You Must Have Been A Star
When Your Heart is Near
Sadness There Is None
Shinning Bright As Diamonds
ADPI, We're One

It Only Takes A Spark
It Only Takes A Spark
To Get A Friendship Going
And, Soon All Those Around
Will Warm Up To Its Glowing
That's How it is at "The Stone House"
Once You've Experienced It
You'll Want to Sing
The Love It Brings
You'll Want To Pass It On

My sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, will celebrate 100 years at Florida State in January of 2009. The chapter is hosting a weekend of events, and many of us are making the trip to be part of this special time in our sisterhood's history. I am proud to be part of this organization - like my mother before me. I hope Lily will also know the wonders of sisterhood and friendship...and maybe she will sing the same lullabies to her little cherub one day!

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