Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It’s time again for resolutions! For my own purposes, I have two categories -- personal and family.

For me:
Eat more foods derived from the ground or that have mamas! (That would mean more fruit, veggies and healthy meats.... technically chocolate comes from a plant, so I am OK there!)

Exercise three days a week (see, very doable). Run a couple more 5Ks.

Complete graphic design courses and become legendary stationer and papery genius.
(real goal: have some goods ready for sale at the downtown market by fall)

Stop all housekeeping and work functions by 9p.m. so I can enjoy an hour or two of quiet bliss!
Try a new recipe once a week and finish one load of laundry per night.

Take advantage of downtown living – visit museums, go to the beach more often, try out new restaurants, go for more walks and hang in the parks.

For the fam/home:

Swim lessons for Lily; family memberships at the library and local children's museum

Finish painting projects

Save more

More reading and teachable moments
More dance parties and belly laughs
More of what makes us happy stones...

No pressure. Happy New Year!

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