Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Press on!

So proud am I of this panini sandwich, that I took a picture of it and I am posting it on this blog! I really thought paninis were ridiculous....why go the extra step to smoosh a sandwich. What was so wrong with plain old grilled cheese?

Now I know!

For Christmas, Buck got a hand-held panini press and spices. For kicks I gave it a try! And, I'll tell you why grilled cheese is out the window, because this sandwich ROCKS!

Get some yummy bread, a nice slice of your favorite cheese, a fresh tomato, olive oil and a combo of spices and then press it. Yummo as Rachael Rae would say!

Lily ate it up! I dunked mine in some tomato soup, Heaven.

I will no longer secretly snicker at the panini loyal. Press on!

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