Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Broadway Bound

From Annie to Mary Poppins to The Jersey Boys - Lily's favorite songs and movies are straight from broadway! This is a thrill for her stage-loving momma. And, Papa is even in on the act! They like to join in on the kick-line scene from Annie. It is quite a sight to see my baby and husband kicking along with the Rockettes!

The soundtrack in my head jumps from "It's a hard-knock life" to "A spoonful of sugar" to the hits of the Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons. When I lay my head down at night, I drift to sleep singing "The sun will come out tomorrow." 

Not a bad thing for a girl who grew up dancing to show tunes! And proof that there is a little of me in Lily after all!

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Anonymous said...

Sing out loud sing out strong...See you this weekend!! Jane

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