Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life Is Sweet

Life Is Sweet.
Tiny white flowers blossom and release a heavenly scent
Like sugar and sunshine.
They are messengers....telling us that fruit is on the way.

Life Is Sweet.
Rows of trees explode with orange balls of candy
Dangling from the branches like giant gumballs
So many juicy oranges....the trees are heavy with blessings.

Life Is Sweet.
The Lord sends new angels to the Earth; new eyes to take in his creations.
New hands to touch the trees, tiny fingers to pick the fruit,
Noses to smell the sweet aromas.
Wide eyes to take in all the beauty!

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Just Beth said...

I love the beach picture you have added! Love following your blog! We will have to meet up in Homestead sometime! Beth (Jane's niece)

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