Monday, February 16, 2009

Super-Sized Manners, Please!

True story:
"Hi. I would like a medium diet coke and a small fry."
"A diet coke please, and a small fry."
"$4.35. Drive up."

Nothing in reply, just a hand out the window to collect my money
"Here you go," I say.
No eye contact, just grabs my money. Gives me change.
"Have a nice day," I say.
No reply. Already talking in the microphone-thing. Never looks at me.

I pull up to the next window.

Another hand out the window with a bag and a drink. No eye contact.
"Hi," I say.
Nothing - she is talking to someone behind her.
"Seriously, Hello!"
Ahhh, eye contact.
"Hi. Can I talk to your manager?
blank stare.

Manager arrives at window.
Cars behind me, mad I'm sure.
I don't care.
"Hi," I say.
"I have an 18-month-old daughter in the back seat."
"She knows how to say please, thank you and you're welcome."
"I am making a promise today that I will not put up with anything
less than good manners, especially from people who are taking my money."
"If my baby can use her manners at the age of 18-months, I bet you can
teach your employees some common courtesy."

Diet coke is flat. Small fry cold. Service bad!

You know, we don't have to put up with it. I am passive with a capital P...but I think I've had it. We've let it slide too long. Kindness has to make a come-back! There has to be an expectation to provide service and offer a little common courtesy - at Saks Fifth Avenue, walking down the street and at the drive-thru!

I dare you: Ask for a smile with your next super-sized combo!


Kstevens said...

Go sister...I like it. I realize everyone has bad days but come on :) My pet peeve is when you are at the supermarket and the cashiers never speak to you while checking you out and talk the entire time to someone else! I have done the job so....

Just Beth said...

Keep trying! I've had some good outcomes although more similar experiences, I'm afraid!

The Newell Family said...

Go Marcey! Loves this post :-) And, yes - I will for sure do this next time I'm in the drive thru!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! Go girl. U are absolutely right. So thrilled that you had the courage ! I'm inspired!

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