Saturday, March 14, 2009

Join In

I am a joiner. I like being part of things. SGA. Sorority life. Junior League. Work committees. It's always been who I am. Until recently. Joining has become a challenge. I have struggled to find groups that fit me and feed my soul. I have found it quite hard to meet other women who want to invest in new relationships. And, so I have missed the security a "joiner" feels when we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Last night we attended the fish fry at our church. A - maybe we'd meet some new people. B - no mess to clean up at home. C - they have a great playground. 

What does this have to do with joining? Well I recognized a familiar gleam in Lily's eyes when we rounded the corner and heard the noise of children on the playground. At least fifty of them. 

"She might freak out," said Buck. We'd wait and see.

She paused for a moment and headed right into the crowd. She navigated through the mob to get to the slide. She dodged running tweens to grab an open swing. She exchanged pleasantries with a slightly-older child and they crawled up the stairs side by side.

She joined right in. She was happy to be part of the chaos. She found something that feed her soul.

We found fried fish to feed our bellies!

PS - i really think the church should provide "greeters" at functions to help new members get to know each other. 

PSS - I should probably stop complaining and volunteer to do that!

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