Sunday, March 8, 2009

Salty & Sweet

There is nothing better than a little something salty mixed with a little something sweet! That is exactly what Miss Lily got this weekend in St. George Island. We drove up for a beach weekend with Papa Salty! A name never fit so good. Salty is just that - a man of the sea, owner of a bait and tackle store, island godfather.....a sweetheart of a grandfather. Lily and Salty became quick friends - greeting customers at the shop and sneaking sips of Yoohoo when mom wasn't looking. I think Lily was treated to an entire sticky bun (I found the wrapper, but didn't even ask). 
The sweetness continued with a stop at the local ice cream parlor and a surprise visit from her sweet Aunt Becca. Mom finished her 5K seven minutes faster than the last run - sweet! 

Lily concluded her exciting weekend with a sweet kiss from her Papa Salty -- and to continue my overuse of this pun....leaving was bitter sweet!

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