Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Sorry

Apologizing is hard to do. It's a lesson we are trying to teach right now.  Seems easy enough to do. But we, as adults, know just how hard it can be to utter these two very powerful words. Who wants to admit they were wrong? Certainly not me. And 20-month-olds are no different. 

I feel good that we are teaching her this lesson. It is kind and right and honest to acknowledge our actions when they hurt others. And a simple, but earnest, "I'm sorry" can be incredibly healing - for all. 

Sometimes Lily will apologize right away, other times it takes a little prodding. In all cases I know she feels proud of herself for "righting" a wrong. Her heart is so kind. "I'm sorry" is never enough. She always offers hugs and kisses. A nice touch.

And for Buck and I, we are taking in the benefits of teaching our values to her. It just reinforces them in us. We take a little more time now before speaking or acting. And, the apologies flow more freely from us. Followed by hugs and kisses. We learn from Lily, too!

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