Sunday, May 3, 2009

First delivery is in the mail.....

Thank you to two of my best friends and first customers! I am shipping these notecards out in the morning.....I think they are fabulously adorable! I hope their moms love them! I am sending lots of TLC in these boxes.

More news - tonight we installed our new fancy-dancy printer and it is GREAT! I am so thrilled. I wish I had it two days ago before I printed these orders. But moving forward, my print quality is really, really good! 

Specially thanks to everyone who is taking my new endeavor as seriously as I am! It is so nice to have support. Buck and Lily helped me pick out the printer and paper and ink.....and stood by patiently as I went back and forth between printers, second guessing myself and asking the salesman at least five zillion questions!

In this little corner I am starting a small little project. But it makes my heart so happy. I am so invested in learning everything I can and exploring my creativity and visions. Even if Sincerely never takes off as I hope it will, this journey has been amazing so far! 

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Mary Gossman said...

WOW how do I place an order?
you are so creative and talented and it WILL take off !

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