Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh, The Tears!

How to make it all better: blueberries!

These days Lily cries when I brush her teeth, wash her hair, dry her hair, comb her hair, dress her, put her shoes on, buckle her in the car name it, if I am the "doer" she is crying. Her Papa on the other hand, can do no wrong! And so it begins.

I know what this is. I knew it was coming. As my mom has told me, "If you are doing your job right, your kids won't "like" you very much."

The good news is that I know she LOVES me. I know she LOVES to fall asleep in my arms. I know she LOVES to jump into my lap when I pick her up at school. I know she LOVES to hold my hand when we walk side by side.

I am good with that. Better than good actually.

Sorry kiddo, I have to dry your hair and brush your teeth - tears or no tears.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I did a super job!! My best work ever!!

Anonymous said...

Would you just look at that pout!!! And she even got some "traberries"!!!!

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