Friday, May 15, 2009

What is the trick?

What is the trick to managing it all? It probably begins with going to bed later, and getting up earlier! Not sure I am ready to commit at that level yet! But our plate is filling up (with all things good and blessed). I feel the buzz of anxiety in my belly and question whether staying static is the answer - or to leap in with both feet?

We are hopeful that our family will be growing soon. Selling soon. Moving soon. Gosh, how will that work? It just will. I know, I know.

All this to say out loud that I am thankful to be worried about growth and possibilities and next steps. What a blessing. And God will always be right there, whispering, "You can do it. You are not alone." One step at a time.

Happy Friday. Lily looked adorable are a couple of photos to make you smile. Always works for me!

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