Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lily Tricks

Back to every day life. I like it this way. I know what to expect. Sort of.

So Lily is doing all kinds of things that make me stop, watch, and think, "where did you learn that." She is not doing cartwheels or solving quadratic equations. But, who taught her how to peel a banana? Not me. But she knows how to do it.

Or how about:

getting water from the fridge by herself.
buckling her own car seat.
adjusting the volume on the TV.
sorting through the snack bin to find just the right treat.
Opening the packaging to a band-aid. (I struggle with that!)

She is such a little person and it brings us such joy to watch her excelling at life. Peeling bananas will be math formulas before we know it. For now, I am taking in the little things -- like watching her figure out a new pair of shoes or putting her Barbie's hair in a ponytail!

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