Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brace Yourself

Ha,ha. Pretty clever huh?

We are 12 weeks from the big day when baby Benjamin joins our clan and things are starting to happen, including the SLOW process of my braces coming off. The top came off last week and I have a promise that the bottom will come off before baby is born. I was happy to accept any progress!
Baby crib has been ordered and bedding. Good start.

I made a little room for more clothes and blankets and toys and bottles and shoes and stuff.

This is an exciting and overwhelming preparation stage. But we are taking it on wearing our biggest SMILES!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile!!! Jane

Anonymous said...

LOOKING GOOD GIRL!!!! What an exciting time for all the Stone's. Aunt C

Just Beth said...

Wow! 12 weeks to go! It's gone by fast for me! What about you? Beautiful smile, by the way! Well worth it!

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