Friday, July 9, 2010

Hats Off!

This is Ben's hat - but clearly we all have fun with it! And, not a photo of the little man wearing it. Fourth of July was a wet one. We met grandma and grandpa in Ft. Myers and wished them well on thier cruise to Russia! And, on Sunday we spent many hours in the pool at Mimi's. Lily is turning into a little fish. She loves to swim and gets braver every time she jumps in! 

Summer is hot. It's hectic. So far no signs of slowing down. But we do head to Boca Grande for a week and I am really hoping for some R&R. At the very least I am excepting lots of ice cream, salt water, naps and fresh fish. And, I'll be sure to snap a photo of Benjamin wearing his hat!

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Angela Newell said...

they are the CUTEST!

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