Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three is a charm!

Happy, happy birthday my Lily love! Where has the time gone? You are a little lady now. There is no baby left in you, baby! You are all girl. And a beautiful girl to be sure. Your beauty is stunning, but your intelligence is what stops me in my tracks. It's the best kind of smart -- smart with charm.

Things are happening for you. Just last week you sat in my lap and we practiced spelling words in a book - you just about did it all by yourself. We were both cheering out loud every time you got it right! I can see it all clicking inside that head of yours and it is so exciting. I asked you how it made you feel to spell those words and you said, "Oh mom, I just can't wait to read!" 

This big ol' world is about to open up wide to you! And you are walking in to it like a confident old soul - and a who-hoo girl that likes to celebrate everything from spelling words to the sun coming up! Gosh, I like you so much. And I love you even more.

Your bright eyes make my day every day. And that just doesn't seem to do it justice. I don't really know how to explain this feeling I have for you - it gets bigger and fuller all the time. Its like an energy inside me that fuels my heart! You are amazing - at birth, at three......I can't even begin to imagine how more amazing you will be as the years go by!

We celebrated your birthday with cupcakes at the beach, Chuck-E-Cheese with friends, cake at home.....and, a visit from the birthday fairy!

Thank you for giving us reason to celebrate everyday! We love you Lily! Happy Birthday.

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