Monday, January 3, 2011

Heart Ache.

Oh Ben. You are breaking my heart. And when boys used to break my heart, I would write them a letter and fold it up and never send it to them. I needed some place to pour all that heartache. But you are a little different. It's the good kind of heart break. The kind of pain that can only come from crazy, huge happiness.

You are a big chunk of crazy, huge happiness. You are so yummy that I think you should be bottled up and spread on a bagel! Benja-yumminess!

So instead of writing a letter and shoving it in my journal for no one to read, ever, here is a very public love fest in honor of you! Just a few of the thousands of reasons I am totally in love with you!

- your sunny blond hair sticks up in the funniest places. I love to peek in on you first thing in the morning to see what is sticking up where!

- You have like 10 teeth. Really. You smile and look like a three-year old. We call you the "man baby".

- Your nose crinkles when you smile and its adorable.

- You say, "bee, bee, bee" and I am not sure if you are saying Ben, bottle, bed, bye-bye or nothing at all. But you don't seem to be frustrated by our lack of understanding.

- You are so chill. Your sister tugs on you. You fell nose-first out of your high chair. I kiss all over your face. And you take it all with a smile.

- You love your new trucks. Somehow you know just what to do with them.

- You give the biggest kisses ever! And lots of them. I love the wet, gooey kisses more than just about anything.

- You point to your Papa every time you see him, like you are saying, "you da man." You guys are buddies already.

- You love your new car seat and sit up like a man-king!

I could just go on and on and on. You make me smile and laugh every day, my love!

So yes, my heart is breaking. But its okay little man. No hard feelings. I'll shed a tear and long for these moments that are going by too fast. But the good news is that I know something even better is waiting for me with every sunrise! You are the first face I see everyday, and I think, "what will my son-shine bring today!"


Anonymous said...

If that doesn't look like a picture of Papa! Oh I miss the babies! Aunt C

aimee Reed said...

Marcey, these letters to your children are so precious. I hope you print what you post everyday. Priceless.

aimee reed said...

These letters you write to your children are so precious. I hope you print the posts everyday and save for them. Priceless.

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