Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily is.....well how should I say this.....EXPRESSIVE

Disclaimer: I am sorry for anyone reading this whose child has been bitten....but I am here to post the other side of the story.

So this is how Lily's teacher described her to me after she bit yet another child in her class.

Many of you know that I have stressed about Lily's dirty little habit for months now. And, we have tried every trick in the book to curb this behaviour. I have wondered if she is an aggressive person at her core and worried about this being a symptom of pent up frustration that I have yet to diagnose. Perhaps she bites because I don't spend enough time with her. Or, maybe she is just teething. Up and down the emotional rollercoaster I go every time I get the dreaded call...."Hi Marcey, I am calling because we've had another incident." Yep -- it comes complete with a signed, official incident report.

Here is where I am today - For one, I am confident that my little "lovie" does not have an angry soul. I am quite sure that she is one of the most loving creatures I have ever known. I am throwing away the file of "incident reports" and all my attempts to find a trend in her biting history. I am going to trust that with time, growth and language Lily will find a better way of expressing feelings that we all have, like "bug off.....I need some space" or "get your grubby hands off my toy!"

Moms of biters -- join me in letting go of the guilt! Our little chompers are just more - expressive! This act is no better or worse than any other developmental habit they will pick up along their journey -- spitting, pushing, pinching, hitting. So, mine bites. She will grow out of it, I am sure.

To sum it all up, I am glad that I have a spit-fire daughter who makes waves from time to time. If ever life stands in her way, I hope she bites the heck out of it:)


Anonymous said...

It is a side I never thought about. I am giving kuddos to mom for her expression of a very delicate subject.

Anonymous said...

She will probably be the govenor of a state one day..

Nancy said...

Nice post Marcey! As a mom of a former biter (2 months ... knock on wood), I am still trying to let the guilt go. I love the way you look at this. Our children are spit fires and someday they are going to blaze some big trails.

Anonymous said...

Marcey she is so cute she can get away with it. In a few years you will laugh about all of this. Enjoying your blog so much.

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