Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall: A Season Of Gratitude

Most people make resolutions on New Years, but it is Thanksgiving that gets me thinking. It is this holiday that reminds me of the importance of GRATITUDE and perpetual appreciation for my blessings. Especially now, when purchasing power for many is deflated a bit, we should find REAL reasons for joy. Not in new shoes or an expensive bag our peers will envy, but in the little surprises life gives us every day.

I decided to turn a fruit basket in our kitchen into a “thank you center”. I found these notes on clearance at Walmart (.98 cents!). They say, “I am thankful for…..”. My hope is that anyone who hangs out in the kitchen will leave a note and express what they are thankful for. Not sure what I will do with the notes…..but taking a moment to say thank you is a sure recipe for good karma!

Or, you can tell me here what you are thankful for……I will make sure that your expression of gratitude is captured!


Steph said...

Can I just say, you are an amazing Mom and woman. I am in awe, inspired, humbled and encouraged to be a better person. What you are doing with this blog and your life is amazing! L and B are 2 lucky, lucky people! Love you! Steph

GaMa said...

I am thankful that my daughter lets me be the grandmother I want to be. L knows I am her "go to person" and M lets me be that.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the fun and friendship I have had with you and your Mom all these years...and now with Lily. Lots of good times ahead!!

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