Monday, October 27, 2008

Mommy Awards

Lily and Cooper at lunch.
Being a mom is a tough job (news alert!). Before you become one, you assume that motherhood is all instinct that comes naturally. And, for the most part that is true. But since entering the ranks of motherhood I have a new respect for all of the non-instinctual efforts that go in to being a great mom.

For me, fun and games come pretty easy. The mommy skill I lack most is organization. That is why my very first MOMMY AWARD goes to my friend Nicole.
On Saturday we met for lunch and I quickly emptied my supplies on to the table -- yogurt, cheese stick, cup of oranges and a fork (gently used and left in the bag from last weekend's outing).

Nicole does the same: disposable place mat, lunch for Cooper, extra snacks for Lily, extra CLEAN spoon for Lily, extra bib for Lily....... Truth be known, I am not sure if I even had a diaper in my bag!

I was so inspired by her organization that I re-supplied my diaper bag last night. New books and toys, fresh diapers, wipes that actually have moisture left in them......a zip lock of plastic utensils and a few snacks. I even threw in sunblock for the heck of it!

To Nicole -- Cooper is so lucky and will no doubt benefit from the order you keep in his life. Being prepared for him is an extra step you choose to take everyday to better his life! You are a busy mom, yet find the time to research products, pack the essentials, learn his preferences and share your supplies with those like me! It is a great lesson that will serve him well -- and me too!

Next time we get together, I'll treat to snacks and the emergency diaper:)

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