Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slow Down This Train (Or Plane)

I am not a big fan of air travel. I love getting to the destination, but there is something about traveling by airplane that rattles me. For one, it is a rush from start to finish. The speed and altitude of the plane freak me out. And, I can't control the outcome or ensure that the ride will be smooth. I know all of this applies to the old-fashioned road trip, but I appreciate a long slow ride with many rest stops along the way.

Last night, I felt like I was on the Toddler Express! Lily is now "twirling" in circles. She reads to herself (not real words, but her own secret language). And, she initiated a game of "dress up".

Oh heavens, how did all of this happen so fast? Don't grow up too fast Lily Bean! I don't want this experience to be like a hurried trip through the airport. Lets take a road trip my love....just us....with a cooler full of treats in the back seat, fun tunes on the radio and LOTS of stops a long the way.

Before I know it, she will be walking alone through the terminal ready to set out on her own adventures -- those I cannot steer or direct! Her independence from me is already showing. For now, I am hoping I can slow this train (or plane) down and enjoy the ride......the kind I like -- long and slow -- all back roads, of course!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are two beautiful girls! This blog is such a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I love checking to see if you have posted a new experience for Miss's like her own diary of her life. Thanks!! The school picture will be her history someday. Save it all.

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