Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glam Mom

My girlfriend K has agreed to share her latest fashion and beauty finds with us from time to time! How fun. She comes with great credentials -- she can find great fashion for a fraction of the cost, pick out the perfect shade of lip gloss in 10 seconds flat and she is the only person I know that can pull of rhinestone eyelashes! She is glam mom....and here to share some of her top pics with us:

Polish Perfect: This fall try some color on your nails - my favorite it Sally Hansen "blackout"....everyone can pull this off! And on tamer days, use Sally's instant dry clear polish. You'll be ready to go in 20 seconds!

Face it: For dry skin try one of my favorites - Oil of Olay clay mask. Clay draws out the excess oil and dirt on your skin. If your skin is normal or dry, always good to detox your face once a week...Feels Great!!!

To boot: I can justify my shoe habit since most of my beauty products are over-the-counter and cheap. These boots are so cute and perfect with a skirt or a pair of jeans...the best part is you can tuck any of your jeans in them...they don't have to be those 80's skinny jeans, which I am not a fan of! These were 30 bucks @Traffic.! Love it...and they just got a new shipment of different styles in...so check it out.
Post a comment and be entered to win a bottle of BLACKOUT! Compliments of Happy Stones!

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Rachel Absher said...

Oh I likey those boots!! I need a pair for my trip to NC!! Did I say need...lol

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