Monday, November 17, 2008

Imagine That!

All of the cognitive development has been going well! Lily walked on time - early, in fact. She can put a puzzle together. She prefers organizing the crayon box over coloring. And, she has figured out every buckle in the house. So this momma (not so cognitively developed) was ECSTATIC when Lily's imagination came out this weekend!

At mommy-and-me ballet class, she separated from the kids to play her own games -- mostly hanging from the barre (a no-no). She twirled to the music and played chase with the kiddie broom! And during Saturday night's bath, she washed all of her duckies with "make believe" soap and a pretend washcloth! Sunday night she lined up her toys, climbed into her little rocking chair and read them a book!

Ahhhh.....I knew my lovie had a little of her momma in her! All that said, after story time, she put all the toys back in perfect order -- maybe even alphabetical order!!!!! Hmmmm - imagine that!

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The Newell Family said...

Okay, so I "thought" I wanted a boy......Lily is just too, too cute!

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