Monday, April 13, 2009


Before I go on to write about Easter weekend and how wonderful it is to have Lily and Izzy home with us, I have to take a brief moment to reflect on my week alone with Buck. When we agreed to send Lily to Grandma and Grandpa's for spring break, I have to admit, there was a tiny part of me that feared what it might be like to be all alone - just husband and wife - after two years of the best distractions I could pray for. 

Would we have anything to talk about? Would we just stare at each other and count down the days until our "normal" life returned?

So, I said to myself over and over - no expectations, only possibilities.

Turns out, the self soothing was unnecessary! We had a wonderful week - just the two of us -kicking around, enjoying the slow evenings, catching up, dinners out, jogging together, sleeping in a little late, letting dishes pile up, snuggles on the couch.....just perfect.

All the books tell us to take time out for our spouses, plan date nights and romantic escapades. Well I am here to tell you that I just don't get around to that as much as I should. It gets a little busy round here!

I'm lucky that my marriage is on solid ground. I try not to take that for granted, but I am lucky. that said, our week at home was really special. I am a smitten wife....feeling really great that I still like my husband - even when it is just the two of us starring at each other wondering what's for dinner. 

I still like him a lot.

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Kim said...

I love it, you are so sweet! So glad you guys are so happy!

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