Friday, April 17, 2009


As parents, we reference transition a lot. We worry about how our children will transition into new settings and situations. If they are not sleeping well we think, "maybe it is a transition." If they are cranky, we trump it up to a transition.

Well, what about adults. I think the two adults in this house were transitioning this week - from singledom back to parent-status. Boy were we a grumpy house this week! 

So we are looking forward to a nice quiet weekend - with not so many transitions. Funny how the minor shifts in our lives can throw us for a loop. I am continually reminded that we share so much in common with Lily's experience. 

We are all transitioning - every day. New challenges. New people. New opportunities. The best we can do is work through our transitions with grace, patience, optimism and faith. A lesson for toddlers and adults alike.

Have a great weekend!

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