Sunday, April 26, 2009

Right Answers Right Now

Two steps forward and three steps back. That is how I feel. 

I found a supply of fantastic paper....great quality, beautiful texture and the right price. I bought an armful and came home so excited to print out some of my designs. 

Break open paper. Load printer. Pull up favorite design. Print............. Pull off printer. 

Ugh. Sigh. Damn.

Freebie printer from Apple store sucks! That's not fair. It is a jolly good printer. We are blessed to have it for all of our printer needs - EXCEPT the important stuff!

Gosh. Back to the drawing board. Still working with some local printers. I just don't think they are going to be the best solution long term.

I need about $2,000 to buy a mac-daddy EPSON digital printer. 

Oh, a girl can dream:) 

So I drift to bed in a bad mood. But these photoBolds make me SMILE!


Anonymous said...

Just love the picture of Margaret "Maggie" Conley on this page!

Anonymous said...

When will you be back...I miss her!! Jane

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